Bwired Home Online home in the Netherlands
Office Webcam
Click on this picture to go to the streaming Webcam, Bwired Home Automation For this Office camera I use a customized SONY FCB-IX47P 1/4 18x zoom CCD Camera. It has a very good image quality and an 18x zoom! I connected this camera to an RS232 port on my computer for controlling it. This type off camera uses the same SONY VISCA protocol as the well known SONY EVI models like the EVI-D30 or EVI-D70.
Office Light
You can control the office light so if the webcam stream is to dark just turn on the light. Don't forget to turn of the light if you leave my office.... Just in case will switch the light off after one minute.
Push the button!
Office Light Statistics
Office Webcam Light since 1/1/2005 online.
Total Webcam Light On/Off : 121527 Times
Streaming Office Webcam
Bwired SMS Voicemail Server +31657275570
The Bwired SMS Voicemailserver is online since october 2007 and is based on the Siemens M20 GSM Module which is connected by RS232 and Audio in- and output to my server. I have written software that can control the GSM Module, receive calls, play and record audio files, receive SMS text messages and control with SMS commands Home Automation devices. To try this out you can call or SMS to +31657275570

Call +31657275570
If you call you will hear a funny message, during or after the message you can leave your own funny message. Beware that I'm also recording your voice during the playing of the message :-) So if you listen back the recorded message below, you will also hear the message first.

SMS +31657275570
You can send a text message (SMS) to the Bwired SMS server, this message will be displayed on the text ledbar which you can see on the officecam for about 2 minutes. you can also control the officelight (on/off), if you don't want your callerid being displayed this is also possible.

- SMS your text message and this will be displayed on the ledbar and also is listed below in the Bwired SMS Server Data grid.
- The SMS is also directly send to TWITTER you can check this at Bwired on Twitter
- If you put lighton or lightoff somewhere in your SMS message the Webcam light will go On or Off (see on camera).
- If you put an X (capital) somewhere in the SMS message your callerid will not be totally displayed.

So an example SMS text message can be Hello Bwired how are you doing Cranky Geek lightonX i'm doing fine! the text is displayed on my site and on the ledbar (see camera) also your caller-ID will be partial hidden.

With this SMS functionality I can control all the devices in my house, together with a special code these commands are accepted and carried out by my Home automation system. All this functionality is database driven and can be configured very easily.
Bwired SMS Server data (Bwired received until now 951 SMS Voicemail messages)
Date Time Type Caller Id Command SMS or Voicemail
21-5-2010 11:47:21 SMS +31622888881 - Hoi Michel
21-5-2010 11:45:13 SMS +31622888881 - Sorry Marnix :)
21-5-2010 11:44:01 SMS +31622888881 - Baltasar wil Manix knijpen :-)
21-5-2010 09:47:01 SMS +4790199751 - Hello! From norway!
21-5-2010 07:31:55 SMS +31612766932 - WWW.USEDPRODUCTSDORDRECHT.NL
9-5-2010 17:19:47 SMS +79107500xxx - Etraordinary service
7-5-2010 20:18:04 SMS +31653417xxx lighton Hello
3-5-2010 17:40:24 SMS +31626739287 lighton Meer dan 100 gamesites op alfabetische volgorde op Meer dan 100 gamesites op alfabetische volgorde op
3-5-2010 12:30:42 SMS +31611262423 lighton Hi ramon this fun i love it
3-5-2010 12:23:09 SMS +31626739287 - Meer dan 100 gamesites op - Ramon Bakker
30-4-2010 19:16:59 SMS +31613874xxx - Hallo Bwired, Rob Bartol is een 1e klas knuppel!
24-4-2010 07:24:55 SMS +31629500977 - Het wordt vandaag een mooie dag!
16-4-2010 17:38:28 SMS +31650459160 - Roel smits fotografie
4-4-2010 13:50:26 SMS +31634343754 - Janet!
4-4-2010 13:46:25 SMS +31634343754 - Leuk dit, gaaf systeem!